I am a psychic – medium Maria Petala. I have always been sensitive and open to the spiritual. I feel strongly the energies of the people.


I can contact people who are in the other side, in the spirit world. I also get information from the spirit guides about the soul’s plan in this life and I am able to see people’s past lives.


I read the energy of people and I can see their present, as well as their future. I do the readings, including Tarot and Angel cards. I can also send Reiki healing power.


I think that we all have the possibility to develop our mental abilities and get spirit guides’ and Angels’ guidance in the spirit world. We all have the ability to see into the future and convey the loving and healing universal energy.


I feel that we all have free will to choose and create what we want in the future. We decide ourselves how we act in a given situation.


I can tell you the energies you will face on your path. I support and encourage you in your way of life. I want to help you to see yourself, again, full of power, light and love.




Please notice, I make phone consulting only in Finnish. Thank you.